About nanoTITAN

nanoTITAN was incorporated on January 19th, 2001—at the dawn of the new millenium— in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our mission is to be the premier provider of software, information and services to the nanotechnology community and to assume a central role in the evolution of nanotechnology from basic research to profitable application: “Enabling the Diamond Age.”

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is one of incremental growth in capability—”three yards and a cloud of dust,” if you will. Although we intend to use the Internet to great advantage, we are decidedly NOT a “dot-com” that’s built more on hype than substance. We are built to last, modestly funded by founders with a business plan for steady, sustainable growth. We will earn your business through the quality, breadth and uniqueness of our offerings.

nanoTITAN is a privately held corporation with offices in the Northern Virginia area.For more information view our introductory briefing or visit our software, data and service pages.